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Lisa M. Cliff-Blind Faith Fine Art
Artist Bio & Statement

 Medium: Acrylic Painting & Pastels

 I am a self taught artist that has been creating all my life in the Columbus, OH area. I am blessed with the ability to recognize the essence of beauty in all things as well as the ability to express my creativity in a tangible form. Painting truly is my passion and purpose for being. I honor the process of being able to visualize something in my head and then transform my thought into something profoundly unique; like Van Gogh, I paint what I dream. My work is a way of inviting you, the viewer into my dreams to share in the journey, to participate and become engaged in it (even for a brief moment).

 Using a combination of representational art (capturing the embodiment of) married with impressionistic techniques (capturing a fleeting impression of), my vision is to create beautiful metaphorical works of fine art. My subject matter, which is a fusion of low country and urban imagery, is inspired through my own vivid dreams and from my imagination; I am also a poet, and many paintings have inspired my poetry and some poems have in turn, inspired a painting. I prefer to use deep concentrated vibrant colors using visually deliberate strokes until I have achieved the desired affect.

As much as I love to paint, I love to write. Concepts and visions just seem to come to me in dreams and sometimes someone will say something to me or I will serendipitously over hear something being said or whispered and I will make a note of it in my journal. One simple word or one line can turn into an entire painting or poem. 

 Mission & Vision

}  As an art communicator, my mission is to create beautiful works of art that will touch and change lives. I want to speak to women and girls reminding them to own their own personal power. To embrace & honor the space that they live in; inspiring and empowering our universal sisterhood with the belief that they too, can fly.

}  My vision is to create beautiful metaphorical works of fine art representing a women's internal and external beauty. Positive works of art that are that are “visual affirmations” for the workplace, home and office. Art supported by genuine poetry that celebrates the mind, body and soul while encouraging the viewer to look profoundly inward.

Past Exhibitions:

 After many years of pursuing sales for Columbus Ohio based, Glory Foods, I have recently begun to show publically again.

 }  King Arts Complex, “Kindred Spirits” 09/2010

}  Ohio Art League, “Members Exhibit” 11/2010

}  State Office Tower- “Hometown” 10/2010

}  Rhoades State Office Tower, Black History Month 02/2011

}  Galleria Evangelia, Women of Color, Women of Power 03/2011

}  Essence Music Festival Marketplace 04/2011 

}  State Office Towers, Columbus Celebrates Diversity- October 2011

}  One Sun Gallery, New Orleans  07/2011- current

}  Homeport Gallery 10/11 to 2/2012 (solo)

}  William Thomas Gallery 07/2012

}  Greater Columbus Arts Festival 6/2012

}  Cavalier Club, An Evening w/My Sisters 07/2012 (solo)

}  ONS Breast Cancer Fashion Show September, 2012

}  Columbus Art Mix Gallery, Easton Town Center Dec 2012 to Feb. 2013    


I am also a graduate of Wilberforce University with a bachelor’s degree in organizational management and am a member of Big Brother, Big Sisters, as well as a member of the Central Ohio Chapter of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women.


  • Ohio Art League
  • German Village Art League


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