"An Umbrella in Case of Rain"

A Peek Inside the Book- Lush Images & Pearls of Wisdom

Two Eyes Closed, Third Eye Open©
By Lisa M. Cliff

If I could give you one message that message would be

To trust your own insight, using your third eye to see

What is beneath the surface, the heart of the matter

Trusting your intuition to drown out the chatter

Close your two eyes depend on the hearts third eye

Partnering with the spirit to lead and to guide

Call it gut instinct, a deep feeling, an impressionable need to impart

Just don’t ignore what you know in your heart

The path of happiness leads through the door of opportunity

Trust and believe the third eye to lead where you are supposed to be

Pray and ask God, meditate, affirm, claim, and be silent

The third eye will reveal the true purpose for which your life is meant

My Splendid Red Hat©
By Lisa M. Cliff

The beautiful specimen you're staring at

So much more than just a fabulous red hat

It’s a place I come to find repose

A place to hide where no one knows

Where I feel my best as I self reflect

A quiet time for me to reconnect

With the lovely essence of who I am

Embrace self acceptance, as I self exam

In this magical red hat I fly away

Escaping the pressures of the day

Imagination gently floating upon the breeze

Self esteem blissfully breezing through the trees

Capturing my journal upon the stars

Singing a solo, the rainbow as my guitar

I conclude the journey feeling refreshed

My soul recharged, returning to my flesh

My splendid red hat, where I go to dream

A white feather to buoy my self esteem

Reminds me to take out time for me

My splendid red hat, a magical place of peace


There are two of my favorite poems.

The original paintings are also available.

Two Eyes Closed, Third Eye Open
18x24            $650.00

My Splendid Red Hat
18X24            $750.00

Limited edition prints:
11x14 matted into a 16x20 mat- $65.00
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